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CyberPro is a unique and proprietary insurance product which provides cutting-edge cyber liability and other non-tangible risk insurance. Coverage under CyberPro also includes loss control education and training, and full post-breach crisis management assistance.


CyberPro is suitable for nearly all clients in most industry sectors in Canada, and can be adapted to specific needs and requirements. Coverage is provided on a modular basis, with independent insuring agreements so that an insured can “pick and choose” their coverage according to requirements.

Coverage Details

  • Policy Form – Claims-made and reported
  • Policy Period – Annual policies
  • Capacity – Limits from $250,000 to $5,000,000
  • Territory – Worldwide
  • Independent Insuring Agreements (modules)
    •  Security and Privacy Liability
    • Multimedia and Intellectual Property Liability
    • Network Interruption and Recovery
    • Event Support Expenses
    • Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties
    • Network Extortion
    • Electronic Theft, Computer Fraud and Telecommunications Fraud
    • Social Engineering Fraud
    • Reputational Damage

Policy Features

  • Social engineering coverage
  • Cyberterrorism
  • Liability coverage extended to cloud providers and external vendors
  • Voluntary notification
  • Reputational harm
  • Crisis management and brand re-establishment
  • Computer crime, electronic theft and telecommunications fraud
  • Forensic costs up to the full policy limit
  • Programming and human error
  • Claims and breach response services are managed by Ascent Underwriting

Additional Coverages Available

  • Costs to cover Payment Card Industry fines and penalties
  • Business interruption and data restoration coverage extension to external vendors

Breach Response Services (Including Cyberscout, Formerly IDT911)

Depending on the nature of the breach, Ascent will work with a broad range of expert firms and individuals to ensure policyholders receive the specific advice they need to take decisive action, mitigate further loss or exposure and protect their customers:

  • Breach response – help insureds react quickly and comprehensively to a data privacy breach
  • Notification expenses – reasonable and necessary legal, postage and related advertising expenses
  • Forensic auditing – (under the Network Interruption and Recovery module) review all details relating to a breach and determine the cause and extent of any theft or unauthorized disclosure of information
  • Support, credit and identity theft services – mitigate the impact of an unintended release of personal information through identity and/or credit management and monitoring services
  • Call handling services – point of contact to obtain information regarding a breach, how it could potentially affect insureds’ customers and other pre-approved related information
  • Event management services – reasonable and necessary fees to hire a public relations consultant, subject to agreement by Ascent
  • Legal services – legal advice and defense counsel as required

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